Donegal Women in Business

Donegal Women in Business Network Are Looking For Women Just Like YOU!

Donegal Women in Business NetworkThe Donegal women in Business Network is for women like you who are interested in business! It’s that simple ! Whether you are a female managing director employing a team of hundreds or you are an employee in a local retail business then we want you to join us celebrate and encourage women in business in Donegal.
The Network was created to support all women who work in business – whether you are running your own company, working for a firm or organisation, or thinking of starting an enterprise. We welcome women from both the public/private sector, entrepreneurs/employees/professionals and creative’s, mums in the home, retired octogenarians, those involved in the business of building community and students. In fact, all women that are interested in business.
We host a range of networking events and workshops throughout the year and our members support and encourage each other through collaboration and the sharing of business contacts and opportunities.

Donegal Women in Business NetworkThe Donegal Women in Business Network group is a member led group and is all about supporting and learning from one another, the membership fee for the year is only €40 and as a member you will have the opportunity to
•Gain peer support and network with women interested in business
•Promote your business or service
•Include your business listing on our website
•Deliver workshops or information evenings to fellow members
•Guest blog on our website
•Offer special deals or offers directly to fellow members
•To host and event at your business or venue
•Build up useful contents
Donegal Women in Business NetworkCheck out our website  for more information and sign up for your membership online today. You can contact Evelyn our communication and marketing officer on 087 2246989 if you have any further queries. Follow us on facebook/Twitter/Linkedin Donegal Women in Business Network.

Donegal Women in Business NetworkDonegal Women in Business NetworkSome members include Claire McNikle from Claires Clothing and Frances Spears from Mourne Antiques, as well as Deirdre McGlone from Harveys Point and Evelyn McGlynn of EvelynMcMarketing, to name but a few.